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Women's Leather Jacket Models

March 29, 2021

Women's Leather Jacket
What is a leather jacket?
Leather jacket; It is a type of jacket made from tanned skin of various animals, often worn over clothes such as shirts, t-shirts and sweaters. Although they are generally available in black and brown tones, it is possible to see more different colors of women's leather jackets in recent years.

History of leather jackets
The history of men's and women's leather jackets is neither too close nor too far. We would like to briefly convey its year-based development without boring you.

 • It is known that brown leather jackets were used for the first time in the early 1900s by aviators and military personnel.

• In 1928, Irving Schott designed the first leather motorcycle jacket and sold it for $ 5.5 at the Harley Davidson store in New York.

• It was worn by the soldiers during the Second World War that started in 1939 and made it known as the "bomber jacket".

• In the movie "The Wild One", which was released in 1953, the motorcycle jacket that Marlon Brando wore became fashionable at that time.

• In the movie "Rebel Without A Cause - Rebel Youth", which was released in 1955, the leather jacket worn by the famous actor James Dean also had an incredible effect.

• The leather jacket used by actor Steve McQueen, who was at the peak of his career in the 1960s, enabled this trend to reach the top. Especially in combination with cool sunglasses, it made a pretty tight impression.

Henry Winkler, the lead actor of the TV series "Happy Days" published in the 1970s,

• Blondie and Billy Idol, who became a legend in the Punk Rock music genre in the 1980s, pioneered the leather jacket to catch its current popularity.

What are the colors of women's leather jackets?
When we look at the history of women's leather jackets, we can see that black and brown tones are highly preferred. But over the years, we are witnessing the transformation from a retro style to a modern style. Women's leather jackets are produced in every color imaginable. But if we say the most preferred ones;
Black leather jackets
Brown leather jackets
Blue leather jackets
Purple leather jackets
Pink leather jackets
Red leather jackets
• We can call it white leather jackets.
Women's leather jacket models
Each brand has its own models. Designers of well-known leather jacket brands reflect their own lines in their models. But we have brought together some of the models created by world famous brands for you.

1-Classic black leather jacket: Because it is a simple and classic style, it can be worn every year.
2-Fringed leather jacket: This style, which reflects the atmosphere of the 80s, is ideal for those who like a more retro look.
3- Trench coat style leather jacket: This longer and simpler women's leather jacket model is preferred especially in cold winter months.
4- Quilted women's leather jacket: Known as the fluffy leather jacket. It can be harmoniously combined with any outfit, from cropped trousers to an umbrella model skirt.
5- Classic brown leather jacket: It is simpler and ideal for daily life.
6- Double-breasted women's leather jacket: These are leather jackets whose front parts are made to overlap each other. Since no zipper or button is used, it gives a different look. As we said, each brand has its own style. Women's leather jacket models vary according to the models produced by the designer. Now let's give a few tips on which model of leather jacket you can choose. So you can have more control over the subject.